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Start-up Conclave

This event serves as a platform to connect some the best start-ups of the country with students and venture capitalists. Start-up Conclave boasts 20 of the best start- ups in the country who will showcase their products/services to students and investors. It also provides an opportunity for the attendees to learn about the new entrepreneurial techniques that these start-ups have employed in their journey towards achieving success.


Showdown, the Entrepreneurship Summit, is a great platform for students to in interact with esteemed personalities and experienced entrepreneurs. It consists of power talks and panel discussions by prominent members of the business community. The panel discussions will aim to educate students on the working of start-ups as well as the many challenges faced by start-ups in the current Indian ecosystem. It aims to develop entrepreneurial thinking among students enabling them to produce successful start-ups from their innovations.


‘Ascent’, the annual B-plan competition of the summit is one of the most prolific events of the conference. The B-Plans will be mentored prior to the pitching so that participants have an advantage in front of the investors. With CIVN as an active body in the college, we aim to incubate the B-Plans and mentor them to execution.


This event focuses on the improvement of business opportunities in rural areas. Participants are expected to study the cases of rural areas and suggest feasible ideas which can then be directly implemented for the development of entrepreneurial opportunities in those areas. Participants can select their own villages and problems. They will be judged on the intensity of the problem, its scale in villages, and the increase in opportunities for businesses in those areas.

About Consortium 2015

Consortium is the Entrepreneurship Summit of E-Cell, VNIT, Nagpur. It is a confluence of activities, events, competitions, conferences and workshops conducted to inculcate a business-minded outlook among technical students. It is one of the biggest summits of its kind. It aims at fostering the importance of leadership and decision making, encouraging entrepreneurship and introducing young technocrats to various management concepts practiced in the corporate world.